AccuBook PocketBook is a purpose built solution for the Independent Hotel, Guesthouse and B&B Owner, ideal for properties under 10 rooms.

PocketBook offers the busy Reservations Manager or Owner the following suite of products, all from one supplier;

PocketBook Reservation SystemWith PocketBook Independent Hotels, Guesthouses, B&BS and Self Catering properties can have a combined COMMISSION FREE Booking Engine, Website and Channel Manager. This comes with a unique 'Mobile Powered' Management System.

Property Owners or Managers will be able to use their smart phone to check which customers are arriving, price and availability of their rooms, their quality rating and even update their website whilst on the move.

Booking Engine

39 monthly
  • No Commission
  • Includes FaceBook Booking Engine
  • Multi Currency
  • SMS Notifications
  • Smartphone App
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Combine with Channel Manager for only €89


99 monthly
  • Commission Free Booking Engine
  • 5 x Channel Manager
  • Multi-Lingual Website
  • Mobile Website
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PocketBook includes all features from the Booking Engine offer and Channel Manager offer with an Integrated Website.

Channel Manager

69 monthly
  • Up to 5 channels included
  • Automatically Update Rates & Availability
  • No additional commission charges
  • Live status reports
  • Smartphone App
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Combine with Booking Engine for only €89

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There are no set up, training or yearly license costs with AccuBook PocketBook


So it is possible to have a Website, Booking Engine and Channel Manager all from one supplier?
Yes indeed, in fact whether you use AccuBook or not, we would strongly recommend this route to enable 'integrated' marketing to be done (without the 'thats not my area'... type discussions you have with 3 or 4 suppliers).

The websites must be limited 'low-tech' products?
No, in fact the websites are packed with features that such as E Zines Generator, SMS Marketing. The Content Management System for these sites has been in Development since 2004, and has features that are ideal for the accommodation industry.

Can i add my own website content?
Yes indeed, in fact you are encouraged to add content to the website to improve its position on Google (and hopefully bookings). We think you will be amazed when you see how easy this is with our 'ChatterBox' System.

What do the 'Mobile Enabled' WebPages look like?
Searching on Mobile Smart Phones is reaching as high as 30% of searches for some City Centre Hotels. The Mobile version of your site is not simply 'cut down versions of your website, but the most important information a customer is likely to want to see om a mobile phone is prioritised in the display ie Location, Phone Number, Offers, Reviews etc.

Are the Websites really Multi Lingual?
Again an important feature for City Centre Hotels, PocketBook websites are set up with upto 5 languages. Important to note that this is not a 'click to translate' feature on the website, but the foreign language content is actually visible for foreign users. ie a web browser in France will AUTOMATICALLY see the French Language version when the search for example with 'Aberge Londres'.

What if i want to change the design of my website?
Hotels like to change their designs on a regular basis to keep their marketing fresh, with PocketBook you can simply select from a range of different designs, and tailor it to your taste, as often as you wish, at no extra costs.

Do i need to upgrade my website every year?
This is crucial with PocketBook; You are receiving the benefit of on-going development FREE on a permanent basis. You should not need 
to reinvest in your website every couple of years as you may do now.

Does the Booking Engine work on my FaceBook FanPage?
Yes the PocketBook Booking Engine fits on to a FaceBook FanPage, displaying Special Offers and allowing guests to carryout a room search from the FanPage.

Which Channel can i connect to with the Channel Manager?
With the PocketBook product you can connect to up to 5 channels ie Booking.com, Venere, Expedia, LatesRooms/AsiaRooms, Last Minute. Orbitz etc See Full List of Channels in the section Channel Manager.

What sort of the features does the Booking Engine have?
The key feature of the AccuBook Booking Engine is its simplicity with 'One Screen' Administration. (Dont believe us? Get in front of a computer screen then, call us for a 5 minute online demo). The Booking Engine has been in development since 2002 and contains all the features a hotel needs to personalise its products to the customer. ie Optional Extras. Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Schemes, Promotion Codes etc

Why is this Booking Engine suitable for Self Catering Properties?
PocketBook splits its products between Rooms and Packages (ie Stay 7 days for 499$ etc). Many booking engines are bad at Packages. Focussing solely on one night room stays. Furthermore the AccuBook system has a 'Closed to Arrival feature for properties that want their guests to arrive on a certain day (ie Saturdays) and the ability to set Minimum Stays.

What is a Mobile Extranet?
In simple terms if you were out shopping, you would be able to pull out your smart phone and check arrivals, close out the Booking Engine, close out the Channel Manager, check rates and availability, add content to the website etc. With PocketBook you do not need to be sitting in an office in front of a PC or Laptop to do this, it can all be done from a suitable mobile phone.