Facebook Booking Engine

Sell your Rooms and Packages on FaceBook using the AccuBook Booking Engine App.

You can now sell your inventory through Facebook, simply install the AccuBook Facebook Booking Engine App to your Facebook page. Visitors to your page can buy your rooms and packages securely without ever having to leave the Facebook site.

Facebook Menu Book Online
After you install the app a "Book Online" link will appear in your page menu, clicking this link for the first time will ask you to log in to your AccuBook account,once logged in select the site you want to associate this facebook page with, and that's it. The next time anyone clicks the "Book Online" link on your Facebook page the date search and your package offers will be shown. 

Install the Facebook Hotel Booking Engine by clicking here, then click "Add to my Page" on the bottom left of the facebook page.

See some of our customer's pages who have already added the booking engine to their facebook page: