PMS Integration

PMS Integration running an Hotsoft PSM Integration.

The AccuBook Hotel Booking Engine can be integrated with your PMS software to automate the distribution of your rates and availability to the online channels you are selling on. Enabling the Demand (Yield) Manager in AccuBook ensures the rates sent to the Online Travel agents is correctly adjusted based on the occupancy in the hotel. The AccuBook Booking Engine can automatically take information from your PMS and update all the necessary channels.

  • Revenue Manager does not have to maintain the Online Travel Agents.
  • Rate Flexing is automatic and almost instantaneous.
  • Reduces chance of over-booking on the OTA.
  • Occupancy Cut Off (ie close all OTA's when occupancy is 96% etc) can be varied form hotel to hotel.
  • Your website rates will match more closely the Hotel PMS rates.
  • Reduces risk of problems when Revenue Manager is ill or on holiday.